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    “San Marino: at the forefront of blockchain”

    by Avv. Prof. Stefano Loconte

    The San Marino Republic is at the forefront of Distributed Ledger Technology and has just published

    specific blockchain technological legislation for firms

    World Commerce Review

    “Italian lawyers helping San Marino on the road to Blockchain haven”

    edited by the editorial staff

    Lawyers from Italian firms Loconte&Partners and Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners have
    been appointed to San Marino Innovation’s technical committee for the regulation of blockchain
    technology and others active in this field.

    The Global Legal Post 

    “San Marino’s Blockchain Regulation Committee”

    edited by the editorial staff

    For the first time, the Technical Group of the Scientific Committee dedicated to the topic met at Palazzo
    Begni, home of the Secretariat of State for Foreign Affairs and Finance and Budget.

    The Fintech Times