Turin Islamic Economic Forum (TIEF) – 5th Edition

    Tomorrow, October 15th, Stefano Loconte and Beatrice Molteni will give a speech about their paper on “Islamic finance and social impact for a new sustainable world” during the 5th Edition of the Turin Islamic Economic Forum (TIEF).

    It represents a unique event that offers local stakeholders the chance to meet international leading players in the fields of Islamic finance and economy. It is a three-day event to share ideas, learn from outstanding international best practices and examine new trends in Islamic finance.

    To register, here

    MTart webinar
    WEALTH&ART ON WEB with MTart-Agency | June 23th – 5.30 pm CEST | Free Webinar – English only

    MTart webinar


    We are pleased to announce our next Webinar WEALTH&ART ON WEB on June 23th at 5.30 pm CEST,  when we will have a conversation with Marine Tanguy.

    Marine founded in 2015 MTArt Agency, a certified B Corp®  award-winning agency for the most exciting up and coming visual artists worldwide.

    The art industry typically concentrates on selling art on walls, MTArt focuses on investing and supporting the person behind it.

    Their motto is: “Don’t invest in art, invest in artists”, driving a unique approach to art investing, aiming to provide their artists with a solid career.

    Every month, the agency reviews 200 portfolios of artists. Its selection committee chooses artists with innovative techniques, inspiring content and strong messaging. For the artists who sign with the agency, MTArt covers their studio costs, sells their works, implements cultural & commercial partnerships and offers press exposure. This is how they accelerate their artistic reputation, visibility and success. MTArt measures their successes from the number of sales, PR coverage, economic growth to credibility building.

    In just a few years MTArt Agency has a substantial track record of accomplishments, press reviews and projects all over the world and in 2019 and 2020 their artists Saype and Obvious were recipients of Forbes 30 under 30 Europe: Art and Culture.

    Together we will discuss the role of the different art players, relationships and strategies to create value behind the artist, as well as the importance of collaborating with brands and cities, exploring new ways of building a successful career for visual artists.



    GGI webinar
    GGi Trust and Estate Planning Practice Group Webinar

    A successful webinar took place yesterday with GGI TEP PG’s members.

    Our Angela Cordasco and Beatrice Molteni organized and participated as speakers to the GGi Trust and Estate Planning Practice Group webinar.

    It was a great occasion to discuss many topics related to the use of Italian companies for wealth planning, the use of US LLC’s in foreign trust structures and also about the compliance obligations in case of death of the settlor or of the beneficial owner of the trust.

    We thank the other speakers Darlene Hart and Robert Anthony, the GGI organization and all the attendees for their participation, it was good to see all of you again!

    GGI webinar


    LOCONTE&PARTNERS is pleased to announce the show Legacy by the artist Riccardo Beretta, and organised in collaboration with the galley Francesca Minini and with the technical support of Art Defender Insurance.

    Origianlly planned for as a physical event in our Milan office, the COVID-19 emergency urged us to find an alternative, so we decided to present our project as Instagram Show (for now)
    In conjunction with the show also a charity campaign: the artist with our support of decided to realize a series of new drawings unique pieces for sale to support the “Guglielmo da Saliceto” Hospital in Piacenza.

    All the drawings are at 200 minimum price, and will be presented everyday in our stories starting from April 14 on our instagram profile @loconteandpartners

    Each work on paper has been specifically created as response to the difficult moment we are living: inspired by the verses of G.Bachelard “Terre et les rêveries du repos”, each drawing was realized with the artist original Fontaine font (2009), and specifically selected to create visions of relief or considerations, for everyone who will welcome them emotionally, as well as physically in acquiring it.

    Eravamo come in un'immagine
    Riccardo Beretta, Eravamo come in un’immagine (2020)

    As Follow, a PDF version of the catalogue (in Italian)

    art advisory
    Loconte&Partners announces the launch of the Art Advisory service

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    We are pleased to announce the launch of our Art Advisory service completing our Wealth Management offer and aiming to assists collectors and professionals in the business in the acquisition, management, protection and planning of the value of artistic or collectible assets, as well as in the development of activities and philanthropic initiatives in the cultural sector .
    Despite the complex historical moment we look forward with new projects, confidence and enthusiasm.

    You will find us in the next days in several magazines and platforms for finance and art, but you can directly learn more by contacting us at: 

    tefaf 2020
    Loconte&Partners goes to TEFAF Maastricht 2020

    TEFAF MAASTRICHT is one of the major fair in thee world for top quality antiquities, decorative arts, jewelry . Our Art Advisory team attended the VIP preview.

    Our team can assist you in managing and planning your collection across categories, with the support of an international network in the art world.

    You can can find out more about selected treasures we spotted around by following our Instagram page : @loconteandpartners

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    ???????&???????? ?? ????? ?????????? ???? ? | ??? ?? ??? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ?????, ?????????? ??? ??? ??? ??????? ???? ???, ???????????, ?????????? ???? ??? ?????????. ??? ??? ???????? ???? ???????? ??? ??????? ????: ????’? ???? ???????? / Una delle fiere più importanti al mondo per arte, antichità, arti decorative e gioielli della massima qualità. Il nostro team advisory ha partecipato ai giorni di preview, ecco alcune foto! @tefaf ✨ . . ??Quest’anno la fiera è molto più diversificata e internazionale di sempre, con 280 espositori da 20 continenti diversi e fra le varie categorie. Parallelamente alle categorie più tradizionali come #oldmasters e #antichità che rappresentano circa metà della fiera, possiamo trovare anche veri masterpieces d’#artemoderna e #artecontemporanea, fotografia, #gioielli unici, #design e opere su carta. Quest’anno la fiera accoglie anche 25 nuovi espositori, come la prestigiosa galleria di design @carpentersworkshopgallery di New York, l’Italiano @massimodecarlogallery o per gli Old Masters la galleria di @nicolascortesgallery dalla Spagna. Il corona virus ha certamente avuto un certo impatto sulla fiera, ma l’arte e la bellezza non mancava e non si sono fermate. La fiera è da oggi aperta al pubblico fino al 15 Marzo. #dontmissit . . ??This year the fair it’s much more diversified and international than ever, with 280 exhibitors across all categories and from 20 countries. Alongside the traditional areas of Old Master paintings, antiques and classical antiquities that cover approximately half of the fair, you can also find #modernart and #contemporaryart, photography, #jewelry, 20th century #design and #worksonpaper. The coronavirus certainly affected the fair attendance, but #art and #beauty didn’t stop! The fair is now on until March 15 open to general public! #dontmissit . . #tefaf2020 #tefaf #tefafmaastricht #collectingart #collezionarearte #artadvisory #artadvisory #luxury #artgram #collectibles #contemporaryart #artbusiness.

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    Loconte&Partners Goes to Art Geneve 2020

    Our Art advisory team yesterday was in Geneve to attend the 4° edition of The RESPONSIBLE ART MARKET (“RAM”) organised by the  Fondation pour le droit de l’Art. 

    Main themes: the authenticity of the artworks and the V European Directive against Money laundering. During the event they presented the “RAM’s Guidelines for Experts Authenticating Works of Fine Art” . You can find out more about these guidelines and read the full list at this link: 

    Then we had a tour around Art Geneve 2020, here few pictures from your Instagram channel. Don’t forget to follow us @loconteandpartners

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    LOCONTE & PARTNERS GOES TO ART GENEVE ?: alcune foto dal nostro team ieri a #geneve?? per partecipare all’annuale incontro The Responsabile Art Market (RAM) organizzato con la Foundation pour le droit de l’art! ——————————————————————————— Il nostro team advisory era ieri a #geneve per partecipare al 4^ edizione della conferenza The RESPONSIBLE ART MARKET (“RAM”). Temi caldi: la controversa questione dell’ìautenticità delle opere d’arte e la 5° Direttiva Europea anti Riciclaggio che impone nuovi obblighi anche a dealer e operatori del settore arte . Durante l’evento sono state presentate anche le “RAM’s Guidelines for Experts Authenticating Works of Fine Art” , una serie di linee guida per stabilire e salvaguardare autenticità delle opere d’arte promuovendo così una maggiore trasparenza e quindi credibilità del mercato – Potete scoprire tutte le guidelines a questo link : . . Abbiamo fatto poi un giro per #artgeneve , che ci ha sorpreso con la qualità piuttosto elevata della sua offerta. Ecco alcune foto! . . @artgeneve #artgeneve2020 #contemporaryart #artecontemporanea #artlaw #dirittodellarte #diritto #law #artmarket #artadvisory #collectibles #artfair #artecontemporanea #arte #wealthmanagement #wealth #ginevra #switzerland?? #swizerland.

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    Instagram new profile @loconteandpartners

    LOCONTE&PARTNERS just created its new social media profile on Instagram. Follow our page to stay updated with the latest news! @loconteandpartners


    New York, 28th June 2018

    We are proud to announce that our expert Alessandro Negri della Torre will speak at the ‘International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards’ in New York City on June 28, 2018. He will talk about M&A Trends in the American & European Frameworks. The event will gather more than 450 senior representatives from leading Law Firms as well as General Counsel from more than 40 countries to discuss, network, debate and reward the key players of the sector.


    New York, 26th June 2018

    Join us at the Consulate General of Italy where Prof. Stefano Loconte and our professionals Alessandro Negri della Torre and Angela Cordasco will provide an overview of the most recent investment trends in Italy with a specific focus on high value real estate assets, art and luxury items. Moreover, they will briefly explain how the gift tax and inheritance tax would apply on the transfer of wealth between the United States and Italy. We would like to give special thanks to the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce for its collaboration and support.


    New York, 13th June 2017

    Join us on June 13th at the Consulate General of Italy for a presentation on the attractive tax changes introduced by the 2017 Italian Budget Law. Loconte&Partners will explain how the new tax reform works and how to take advantage of the special tax regime for returning residents.

    New York 13-6-2017

    Italian Budget Law: An Update of Italian Tax Measures

    13 June 2017

    Join us on June 13th at the Consulate General of Italy for a presentation on the attractive tax changes introduced by the 2017 Italian Budget Law.
    Loconte&Partners will explain how the new tax reform works and how to take advantage of the special tax regime for returning residents.

    New York 13.6.2017