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    Country Report – IFN Annual Guide 2022

    We are delighted to share the Country Report written by Stefano Loconte and first published on the IFN Annual Guide 2022.

    The article is focused on doing a review of 2021 and on giving a preview of 2022, with regard to the development of Islamic Finance in Italy.

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    Crowdfunding and Islamic finance for the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem

    As commonly know, crowdfunding represents an important source of funding each year for a large number of projects that otherwise would never receive the funds to see the light of day, and especially during this difficult time, this trend is expected to significantly increase.

    Combining the principles of Islamic finance and crowdfunding, together with the development of technology, represents a unique chance to deeply contribute to the enhancement of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Italy and the promotion of social and economic development.

    Finds the answers and considerations on these issues by our Managing partner Stefano Loconte on IFN Volume 18 Issue 4 dated the 27th January 2021.

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