Press Review

    “Italy: an urgent call for estate planning”

    by Avv. Prof. Stefano Loconte and Avv. Michele Cecchi

    Imminent amendments to gift tax and inheritance tax.

    A draft bill has been recently introduced to the Italian Parliament which aims to amend currently levied gift tax and inheritance tax

    GGI – Common Interest

    “You really shouldn’t have”

    edited by the editorial staff

    Stefano Loconte highlights proposed increases to italy’s gift tax and inheritance tax

    STEP Journal

    “Reverse charge extended to sales of PCs, tablet and game consoles”

    by Avv. Prof. Stefano Loconte and Avv. Gabriella Antonaci

    Indirect taxes pratice group

    Italian legislative decree no. 24 of 11 February entered into force on May 2nd 2016 and brought about a particulary rapid proceeding to allow EU States to apply the reverse charge method when tax inspections reveal the occurence of sudden and massive fraud in relation to specific business transactions


    “Reforms to debt restructuring agreements”

    by Avv. Prof. Stefano Loconte and Avv. Leonardo Angelastri

    Banks and financial intermediaries in Italy

    Pursuant to Section 182-bis of the Italian Bankruptcy Law, a business that finds itself in severe difficulty and facing collapse can ask the court to approve a debt restructuring agreement reached with its creditors on condition that the agreement in question is with at least 60% of the entire pool of creditors and that those creditors who have elected not to be party to the agreement are guaranteed payment of their debt in full

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    “Prof Stefano Loconte appointed counsel to the Chair”

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    The VI permanent commission of the Italian Parliament – GGI Insider

    GGI Insider

    “”Creditors trump trusts””

    edited by the editorial staff

    Professor Stefano Loconte reviews a recent Italian Supreme Court judgment which held that a trust used in liquidation proceedings will be declared invalid if it used to circumvent creditor-protection legislation

    STEP Journal

    “Trust & Estate”

    by Avv. Prof. Stefano Loconte

    The development of Trust in Italy and its use in asset protection and corporate governance operations has witnessed recent and important changes following the effects of combined increasing maturity of the country’s economic and financial operators and important recognitions of legitimacy by the Judicial Authority and Financial Administration.

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