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    Guidelines from the Italian National Council of Notaries

    Guidelines from the Italian National Council of Notaries – Our latest contribution on IFN Volume 18 Issue 22 dated the 2nd June 2021 ifnforums


    The National Council of Notaries has shown concerns through the publication of an official document (approved on the 13th January 2021) in which it provides pills of knowledge on some of the fundamental precepts of Muslim law.


    This enables the Italian legal system to familiarize with investigating not only the client’s marital status, but also the religious faith and avoid from applying the rules of the Italian legal system in a slavish way which causes the client having to struggle with the presence of religious authority and/or religious consciousness.


    The aim of this document is to give practical guidelines to Italian practitioners so that they can pursue the matter by finding any limitation between the Italian legal system and the Shariah principles and fully satisfy the special needs of Muslim clients.

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    Crucial for Islamic intermediaries to have access to Banca d’Italia payment systems

    Gross settlement systems represent a useful type of payment involving a huge amount of liquidity that requires a sophisticated level of efficiency and security so as to assure financial intermediaries that the liquidity circulates properly within the financial system.

    As those type of payment system are also useful for the transactions of Islamic finance intermediaries, it is of utmost importance to find a solution to guarantee their compliance level with Shariah principles.

    Find here the answers and considerations by our Managing partner, Prof. Stefano Loconte on IFN Volume 18 Issue 10 – dated the 10th March 2021.